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Tracey came to Elliott McCarthy Dental Care a couple of years ago with crooked and stained teeth. After a smile makeover involving a combination of veneers, crowns and tooth whitening coupled with regular hygiene treatments the difference it has made to her confidence is noticeable. Whilst previously she would shy away from having her photograph taken, when we approached her for this photo shoot she was the first to sign up.


Louise had been put off going to the dentist due to for years despite having broken teeth and poor oral health, however Elliott McCarthy Dental Care was recommended by a family member. Previously Louise had low self-esteem and little confidence. After her smile makeover which included crowns, veneers, inlays and tooth whitening Louise now "can't imagine not having them done" and that it has "completely changed my life".


Andrea used to hate her teeth, was self-conscious and always stood at the back in photographs. For years she meant to take the step to getting them resolved and prompted by family circumstances came to Elliott McCarthy due to a recommendation by a friend. After seeing the team at Elliott McCarthy and discussing options Andrea had a smile makeover including veneers, crowns and bridges and has never looked back and now thinks her smile is "fantastic" and "is so glad that she found the practice".


Many years ago Susanne took a chunk out of her teeth. As a consequence she stopped smiling as she always felt that people were looking at her chipped tooth and not her. Elliott McCarthy Dental Care was recommended by a friend and after the application of veneers she has never looked back. Susanne feels that the treatment has "taken years off me" and now notices that people comment on how well she looks but cannot put their finger on why... Susanne believes it is because the veneers look so natural, oh and has even stopped smoking!


Natasha used to do a lot of dancing but once fell over and cracked a tooth in half. Led to believe that there was no fixed option she used to wear a pallet which greatly affected her confidence. Elliott McCarthy Dental Care helped her overcome her fear of the dentist and assured her there was a solution. After a treatment involving bridges and veneers Natasha described her results as "Absolutely amazing" and is delighted by the number of people that have commented on how good her smile looks..


For years Linda has a cracked tooth and as it got darker she become more conscious of it. After receiving a smile makeover including porcelain crowns, veneers, inlays and tooth whitening Linda is "over the moon" with her only regret being that she didn't get it done earlier!

Dental Implants

Six Month Smiles

Veneers, Crowns & Bridges

Tooth Coloured Restorations

This patient had a porcelain inlay to restore a tooth.

Hygiene Treatment for Gum Disease

Both these patients had a series of hygiene appointments with our skilled hygienist to remove calculus, plaque and stain build up.

Teeth Whitening

This patient went seven shades lighter after using our take home tray system.

Multiple Treatments

Denture fitted, in-conjunction with crowns, tooth coloured fillings, teeth whitening and extensive hygiene treatment.

"Many thanks for your dedication, professionalism, and excellent dental provision provided over the years.Your cheery personality says it all... youíre an absolute credit to your profession and a pleasure to be a patient of! (If that makes any sense?)"

William Thomas Askew

"To Mrs Elliott & Hygienist... Thank you for the treatment on my teeth and gums. Just to say you did a wonderful job."

Mrs Brenda Harker

"I want to thank you for your kindness and all your hard work when you were seeing to me when I lost my front tooth. At last I am able to smile again with my new tooth. You have great receptionists and they always can fit me in to see you when I have been having trouble. Once again thank you for my great smile. "

Joshua Morrow

"I would like to thank you for my recent dental treatment, involving the cleaning and two crowns in my upper teeth. My teeth now look and feel stronger after this work, and is to the same high standard of all my previous work since joining the practice. I would also like to thank both dentists and their staff for care and kindness in all my visits. I hope to continue my treatment for many years to come with all involved at Elliott & McCarthy."

S Armstrong

"After my recent visits to your dental practice, I would like to say thank you to you, your dental nurse, and your reception staff, for the courteous and efficient way I was dealt with. I was quickly made to feel at ease and the treatment was completed to my satisfaction, with the minimum of fuss."

Marjorie Cram

"My name is Christine Colman and I am 73 yearís old. At my age my teeth were chipped, discoloured and broken. Never able to smile for a photograph, always trying to keep my mouth shut. Then !!!! Miss McCarthy. Her patience, help and much work I now have 6 beautiful capped top set and 4 at the bottom. It was a real test for her 2 hour sessions and treatment in between till it was perfect, and I had no pain or discomfort at any time. It has taken at least 10 yearís off my life and given me back my smile. All this at a cost of only my time and her patience."

C Colman

"Thank you all so much for taking care of me when I attended your surgery for treatment. You were all aware I was extremely nervous at my first visit, but you made me feel very welcome."

Giovanni Fabio

"It was really fantastic to see your first newsletter drop through my door on Saturday, straight from the horseís MOUTH too! By GUM youíve made a splendid job of it FILLING us in on all the details. This will give you something to get your TEETH into. Letís hope that it will be your CROWNING achievement. BRACE yourselves for more letters like this in future editions."

Vince Osborne

"I would like to thank you for my recent dental treatment, involving the cleaning and two crowns in my upper teeth. My teeth now look and feel stronger after this work, and is to the same high standard of all my previous work since joining the practice."

Mrs B Taylor

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